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Poem: Race n’ Gender



Race n’ Gender

 By David Andre Davison


Is a politician any less because he is black,

is she more if her skin is white?

Does our pigment or gender matter,

when someone is fighting for American rights?


Why is it that we need special interest groups,

when “special” defends preference?

Shouldn’t we promote equal opportunities,

and when it is abused a rigorous defense?


If my Congressional Representative is black,

does that mean they don’t represent Hispanics?

If my own state’s Senator is Caucasian,

will they use race to create some type of antics?


There are still groups among us,

that represent one race over another.

In a land of democracy and equality,

shouldn’t everyone be treated as a brother?


These issues never leave us,

like an elephant in the conference room.

Even when we try to ignore it,

there is a sense of impending doom.


How do we handle gender and race,

in a country with so many open sores?

Do we simply look inwards,

or seek advice from beyond our shores?


Maybe the answer lies in a different venue,

one that is not domestic but international.

In our relations with other countries,

ihe approach is more organized and rational.


The Department of State handles relations,

with the other nations on the Earth.

America needs an evolution of Civil Rights,

a new beginning, a new birth.


An agency that is part of the cabinet,

that fights for equality for all.

Isn’t that a main priority,

so our nation can again stand tall?


Let’s put on our thinking caps,

and solve an issue that haunts.

We need to make positive changes,

not accuse each other with names and taunts





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*** Andre Davison is the writer of this satirical and/or informative post.  All people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I retain ownership rights over the materials used, except for images and those materials cited in links from other sites, which are beyond my control. Comments in this blog are our opinion. Thanks for visiting Relative Insanity!

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