Poem: Hunger


By David Andre Davison


Why is it that we don’t appreciate,

the food set in front of us each meal?

Have we become so picky and complacent,

is hunger in America for real?


Our Midwestern waistlines continue to grow,

our clothes bust at the seams.

For us hunger is another’s problem,

since we live in the land made of dreams.


There are plenty of groceries in our cupboards,

the frig is filled with milk and meat.

Who are these people who go hungry,

without enough staples to eat?


It is easy for us to forget,

the things that are out of sight.

People who have nowhere to lay their head,

on a cold and windy lake-shore night.


When did this become the problem,

of others less fortunate than us?

Some might have a cold heart,

and ask, why all the fuss?


But for the grace of God,

we could be out on the street.

Someone’s parent or child suffering,

with chills from their head to their feet.


Next time you pass the buck,

and say it’s not your concern.

Why not pause for a moment,

and from your ignorance, learn.


Reach into your wallets,

open your purses, or withdraw from your banks.

Please donate some money to help,

do it for humanity, not to receive thanks.





#food #poetry #family #poverty #death #government #diet #starvation


https://i1.wp.com/www.indiesunlimited.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/typing-smiley-231x300.pngDavid Andre Davison is the writer of this satirical and/or informative post.  All people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I retain ownership rights over the materials used, except for images and those materials cited in links from other sites, which are beyond my control. Comments in this blog are our opinion. Thanks for visiting Relative Insanity!

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