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A Poem: Our Evil Election

Our Evil Election


She has a presence, on the world stage,

From the 1990’s, now through her advanced age.

The wife of a President, influential behind the scenes,

A Senator, a chief diplomat, but she has higher dreams.

Her past is full of scandal, from land to emails,

A trail of corruption, the stuff of old wives’ tales?

The FBI Agents try hard, to uncover the truth,

But in the end they are helpless, it’s left to the voting booth.

Her mentor sits in the White House, licking his chops,

He’s hungry for a legacy, so he’s pulling out the stops.

The President flies around in Air Force One, at public expense,

While the media ignores the cost, they lack common sense.

This election has never been about the issues, that affect me and you,

Instead it is about corruption and power, and lies to name a few.

The emails tell the story, of another Democrat attacked from within,

By a party who considered him an outsider, they didn’t want him to win.

The Republican party, is badly split down the middle,

A presidential family jumped ship, for the GOP they’ve done little.

The future of the Supreme Court, is secondary to their other cause,

To embarrass the party nominee, they’ve bared their deadly claws.

The media supports the Democrats, and so do most celebrities,

With concerts and donations, the Democrat nominee to please.

Wall Street caters, to that leading political lady as well,

Is her campaign blessed by God, or under control of that beast in hell?

What is the motivation behind a woman, who is called a liar?

Is the opposition unfair, or do her words breathe fire.

Could the Devil himself, be behind her campaign this year?

Or is it a smear campaign, from a GOP out of fear?

Tomorrow, the country casts its ballots, as judge and jury,

The long lines are expected, as the voters unleash their fury.

Will they choose this lady who some call evil itself?

Or will they select a man, as cunning as a leprechaun or elf?

The result is more than the person who wins the vote,

Will the people accept the results, or jump ship for a lifeboat.

Some celebrities have threatened, to head to the land up north,

While others will accept the results, and hope healing moves forth.

At the end of the day, it is only a secular event,

For life is more than morality, it is about a Man who was sent.

To spread the word of love, forgiveness and compassion,

To a world of hate, where violence and despair are in fashion.

Wednesday when the election, is finally done,

Remember it is eternity we seek, that battle is already won.

Put each thing in perspective, show positive affection,

For there is more to life, than the results from the Presidential election.

By David Andre Davison


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*** Andre Davison is the writer of this satirical and/or informative post.  All people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. We retain ownership rights over the materials used, except for images and those materials cited in links from other sites, which are beyond my control. Comments in this blog are our opinion. Thanks for visiting Relative Insanity!

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