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Poetry: A Politician tells us

A political poem I penned a few months ago, for your consideration and reflection:


A Politician tells us

A politician tells us, that our country will be “great” once more,

Another party claims that they hold the keys to the economic store.

A third one’s candidacy, started a revolution,

Yet most people don’t see, that as a logical democratic evolution.

We argue about rights for the average American,

But what gender; other, woman, or man?

What about an average look, ethnicity or race?

Are we to believe that it matters, in the color of our face?

Some scream for transgender rights, to use the bathroom of their choice,

At times the protest appears too drowned out, any opposition voice.

Or a bakery refuses to bake a cake, for a wedding of two gays,

So the couple sues the owners, is equality about large pay days.

In the South, Confederate Statutes are the object of scorn,

Does removing their presence heal, or cause racism to be re-born.

Can we hide signs of slavery, of a great Civil War?

A divided nation continues, years after the last Rebel roar.

Our politicians argue about gun control, to keep guns out of reach,

But can’t people purchase illegal drugs, despite what our laws teach.

Anyone can get whatever they want, if they have the money to buy,

Simply making something illegal, makes the black market the sales guy.

Politician’s promise us, that there are better days ahead,

Yet when pressed for details, they may give us an answer we might dread.

There are many promises made in a political campaign,

But in reality, most of the ideas are weak, lame, or insane.

Eight years ago we were promised transparency, that government would “change,”

But half the population would argue, that the results have been strange.

A Secretary of State would serve, without a government account for email,

But years later, the wisdom of that decision, seems destined to fail.

The country has been more vocal, but in opposition it seems,

Now at the end of the administration, many of their policies are failed dreams.

Whoever is our next leader, may have more success,

But which candidate to pick, is anyone’s best guess.

– By David Andre Davison



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